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I like that having Cutter opens up the possibility of visits from Alex.

OLTL seems to have such a small cast but in actuality, there's still Shaun, Vimal and Rama on recurring and weren't they casting Jeffrey King (who was 'Mick' in casting calls) and that Billy guy (which I figure is code for Joey, but that's just my assumption, I'm probably wrong). I wonder if they are cast because looking at the OLTL cast list, what will everyone be given to do? Jack and Dani are related. I'm sure they'll have love interests. Tea and Blair both need love interests. Natalie will probably be put with Cutter. I'm sure Vimal and Rama are mixed in with them. Bo and Nora will probably be busy with Matthew and Destiny. IDK, I'm just super curious about the OLTL storylines. I'm kinda hoping they reach outside the box and don't necessarily rely on having to pair everyone up with someone. That could be a lot of newbies.
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