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It was asked upthread but one of the major sources of the contempt Anne holds for Jennifer is that Anne was up for the job given to Jennifer which she seldom ever shows up to do. That being said, I love these far too infrequent appearances by her. Her reference to Jennifer as Mary Poppins was just awesome. Normally that would have been my favorite line of the day; but Eric's crack about the only felon he has dealt with was his twin sister had me in stitches for several minutes. GV's matter of fact delivery of that line is what made it perfect. I must be a real prick because I love it when characters directly and indirectly insult other characters on this show, with or without them being present.

I hope the Abby and Chloe confrontation continues and heats up on Thursday's episode.Battling with Chloe is a step up for Abby from that awful virginity story of hers. If this show were to last another decade, Kate Mansi could easily transition to be the show's lead actress. As much as TomSell have gotten a lot of things right lately, they are still underutilizing Mansi. She is far better than the crap writing she's been since her infatuation with Austin ended.
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