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Nick has been written into an unsympathetic and unredeemable corner. As far as I can tell, Nick's future is either are return to jail or a hideous death. He's not a core character. He's not Sami, he's not EJ, he's not even a Stefano. By the time the writers are done with his character, no one is going to want to see him in Salem ever again.

ETA: And after his prison comment to Will, I'm crossing every finger that we find out that not only was Nick raped in prison, that he was that dude's bitch for YEARS.
I would not wish repeated rape by other men on a young man or woman paying for a crime or my worst enemy let alone another human being because they are ignorantly exhibiting homophobic behavior
I don't like how they are writing this story period. I hate EVERYTHING about it except for Blake's performance. He's a wonderful actor and I want different for him.
I agree.They could have written Nick engaging in the same behavior because he is overly protective of Gabi and because of Sami's behavior .They could have written him as making an issue of Will and Sonny merely for the sake of the custody fight rather than actually homophobic.
I did like it when Will said he was going to control Sami and Nick pointed out that Rafe and EJ freakin DiMera couldn't control her.Honestly there is no one on the show who can actually control Sami.Stefano might have the best shot at it but even that is a long shot.
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