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Luke confronts Scotty about the Ice Princess, wanting to know if he's the one that sent it to Lulu.

RC says that Luke thinks the timing of Lulu getting the IP and Scotty showing up in PC is fishy, especially since he knows that Scotty held a grudge over Logan's death. He thinks everything Scotty is doing is an elaborate scheme to get back at Lulu. Scotty denies everything, saying how is getting engaged to Laura and sending Lulu an IP replica, going after Lulu? Luke knows it's illogical but is still suspicious.

Genie likes the throwback to the IP. She laughs that Helena is one angry woman to still be feeling her rage 32 years later.

Laura is surprised to see Anna and Duke kissing since she thinks Anna is with Luke. GF says that Laura is jealous of Luke/Anna, she's struggling to make peace with the fact that even though Luke was the big love of her life, it's not possible for her to have him in her life anymore.

Luke is not pleased about Laura/Scotty's engagement. RC says that there are those that will believe Luke is in love with Laura no matter what and that's why he's upset, but could it just be a protective thing since he doesn't trust Scotty and he thinks Laura is making a mistake? It's up to the audience to decide.

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