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Peter and Alec want to mention AJ's creepiness to someone at the DR - I mean the guy is a little weird, but they're amping it up, making this more than it actually is. He just seems to me like a guy who's desperately trying to fit it and be the "cool funny guy", and is coming off as creepy and awkward because of it.

They're acting like he has psychological problems, and is unfit based on the fact that he talks to himself and stuff. Plenty of people tend to do that as a way to cope with the stresses of the house, or basically just to strategize (last season, Dan and Ian talked to themselves all the time when they were in the backyard). I kind of feel sorry for the guy - they basically all hate him, and talk about him/mock him the minute he leaves the room... it just seems a bit unwarranted, there's been bigger cray in BB.
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