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itunes recap
At the town square, Abigail assures Chloe she’s going to get what’s coming to her. Chloe lashes out and claims Abigail’s support of Jennifer and Daniel’s relationship is a stab in the
back to Jack. Abigail loses it and soon the two women get into a physical altercation just as a horrified Daniel and Jennifer arrive. Daniel pulls aside Chloe, who claims Abigail was the one who attacked her. He locks eyes with Jennifer, who is trying to calm her daughter. Nicole finds herself still unable to get her feelings for Eric out of her mind – a real problem since she’s now staying in town to help the police with the case against Eric’s assailant. Father Matt sees she’s got a lot on her mind and suggests she come see him when he takes confessions in a little
while. It’s the last thing she wants to do but she finds herself drawn there, ready to confess her feelings for Eric… not realizing Eric has taken Father Matt’s place on the other side of the confessional. Sami worries about Nick’s earlier threat to deny her and her family access to Gabi’s baby. Confiding in Lucas, she wonders if Nick has something he can use against one of them. Lucas’ mind immediately goes to the blackmail threat he got about Will. Not sharing his fears with Sami, he seeks out his son, and Will confirms Nick knows all about him shooting EJ and is prepared to use it against him if he doesn’t give up his rights to the baby. Incredulous, he asks Will if he’s actually thinking of going along with Nick’s demand. Will would clearly love a different solution but right now there doesn’t appear to be one. Nick, still fighting disturbing memories from his time in prison, stuffs his unease around Gabi. He waits until Hope is gone to tell Gabi he wants to go back to their original plan and put his name on the baby’s birth certificate. She worries about Will but Nick asks her to trust him. Later, Sami comes to the hospital and confronts Nick – but he stands his ground, saying she can’t use his time in prison against him: he’s done his time. But Sami doesn’t intend on raising Nick’s past as a way of securing Will’s access to the baby… she’ll use Gabi’s.
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