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^ My face watching DAYS

Sounds like Suzette is enemy number 1 next week...Tom is telling anyone who will listen that she is his #1 target (DUMB DUMB DUMB...the woman is HARMLESS!) and it feels like everyone is going to throw HOH and let him win to have him take her out.

These people are idiots if they let Tom be their "leader"...

AJ is a huge dissapointment, I was hoping for much more with him...he is coming off very desperate and yes a big creeper.

Liza is AWESOME...I thought I was gonna hate her...but I love her.

Alec & Topaz are cute, but their showmance is taking off at rocket speed...that probably is not gonna end well for either of them when they are both evicted for it!

Emmett and Jillian are cute too!
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