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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

I don't get how anyone who has been complaining about the ratings diving the last 4 weeks is all of a sudden a 'hater of Days'....I've had my reasons for not liking this show but I haven't stopped watching for a variety of reasons. So sue me if I'm a hater...whatever....I want the show to succeed but I don't have to like some of the shit they are putting out.

I bet all of us here don't like one story or another, whether it's Dannifer, or Ejami or it was Safe or whatever......the show has been a little better in terms of dialogue and character interactions....the choppiness that existed on the show just a few months ago has disappeared. The stories are not all perfect though and the pacing still isn't right. My biggest issue is that a sweeps months should have stuff happening every week for those four weeks...and my biggest issue is that it seems that they were not writing ANY sweeps material at the beginning of sweeps...., when you think about it....mid January had more sweeps worthy stuff that the week of February 11 (the full second week of sweeps). As we see now, apparently by the week of Feb. 18 the stakes were raised and there was finally SOMETHING happening. Gabi was supposedly going into labor, Nick was upping the ante and shit was hitting the fan....this is what I've said before....Days does extremely well on 'events/moments'..not so well on much of anything else....I do believe that the change in writing is actually directly reflecting LB's hand, at least I hope so....and that can only be a good thing...why she isn't in the HW role is a mystery to me.

All I have to say is that the one story that apparently is hitting all the right notes for this show at the moment remains the Wabi/Nabi stuff.....it hit highs in mid January and it's doing it again now....everything else leaves a lot to be desired except for the great potential that Nicole and Eric seem to have. For the sake of the show I hope this week's gains continue...I don't expect they will for any long period of time and we'll be back to discussing how Days is losing steam again in April.....or we can all go by what Lysie thinks...if she hates the show, it'll be doing great, if she loves the show it'll be doing badly....lol...

The show was not solid in terms of ratings the last couple of weeks....
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