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Feb 28 2013, 05:21 PM
Feb 28 2013, 03:53 PM
Sami's dress was a bit short for the office, but wth, I guess it doesn't matter when you're sleeping with your only co worker.

I was all set to gripe about Will blaming Sami, but now that I think about it, it is true that Lucas got the phone call after Will asked for the paternity test, and Will has no way of knowing Nick was planning on making that call well before Sami got involved. I do hope the whole thing comes out eventually, but there is something so right about Sami trying to help and making things worse for everyone instead. Thank goodness for Sonny, the voice of reason. Will might not know the whole truth about Nick, but he knows enough not to roll over and let him take his kid. If all the other attempted murderers get to keep their kids, so can you, Will. ;)

Ericole :wub: I LOVE that Eric's relentless goodness is wearing on Nicole. That is exactly the kind of thing that would annoy someone like her. It's surprising, since that kind of thing would drive me crazy in a character, but in Eric it's so endearing, because it's clear that he's a regular guy making a genuine attempt to live up to his ideals; he's not a naturally perfect Mary Sue. And he was in the confessional! :cart: This show is delivering on the mini cliffhangers lately.

The Chloe/Abby fight was everything. I miss ghoul girl, but I love cold, manipulative Chloe and I think the role suits NB very well. KM yet again proved how underrated she is on this show. If she can't be in an A story of her own, at the least, they need to insert her into the baby story. Abby is Will, Nick AND Sonny's cousin, and best friend/daughter to Gabi's victims. She should be all over this story.

The Sami/Nick scene was perfect. I wonder if Sami called EJ to find out what Gabi's secret is and if he'll tell her or if ejami will have issues over it.

Is Hope's hair a bit lighter than usual? It looked nice.
Holy cow I love your banner. :wub2:
Lol, I'll bet that's something you never saw yourself saying. This might be the only thing we agree about ;)

Layla did a great job on it.
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