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Loved today's episode so much!

I hate what they have done to the character of Chloe. But I loved seeing Abby retaliate against her. Today showed again why Kate M is a great actress that Days barely uses. That fight was all kinds of fun.

The Sami and Nick scenes were awesome also. Go Sami for slapping for Nick! I used to hate Sami but I am on her side all the way. She may have a bad past but this is Will's life that NIck is messing with. So happy to see Sami fighting for her son and grandchild.

Loved Sonny today. He's the smartest one of everybody. He needs to team up with Sami. Will is acting so naive that it's painful to watch. Sonny showed so much spunk today. He did his homework and realizes just how naive Will is acting about this situation. I just wish Sonny would tell Will what he knows about Gabi or at least talk to Chad about this. Will needs to know this.

I'm super intrigued about this prisoner being released in into the program at the church. Can't wait to see this all come together.
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