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Feb 28 2013, 11:18 PM
What a difference a day makes. Melissa Salmons delivers.

Sami and Nick are just getting warmed up and I can't wait for more.

Liked that we had more Sami and Lucas interaction as they discuss the best way to handle Nick. I think it's important to show them agreeing, disagreeing and struggling through the best way to fight for Will's parental rights. It brings so much more to the story when Lucas is an integral part in this battle.

Will rationalizing Nick's behavior and putting most of the blame on his mom was an interesting way to go. It definitely had my attention as I pondered his character's naivety. The scenes with Will, Sonny and Lucas kept my attention because they didn't play out the way I thought they would. Will so easily giving up was quite a surprise.

Chloe and Abby were all kinds of fun! Abby was scoring the points early and then Chloe found the spot that Abby reacted to and dug in. Chloe for the win!

Father Matt tricked ya Nicole! :P She should have gone out for a drink instead of into the confessional.

I like that Hope feels she knows what Nick has suffered. Maybe she'll be the one to reach him down the line before he goes completely psycho.
I think Will is so reluctant to fully accept that Nick is not only a raging homophobe but certfiably insane because he can't even fathom dealing with that reality. Think about it. Irregardless of what he thinks of Nick, his baby mama is currently in love with the whack job, intends to marry him and have him co-parent their child. The knowledge that this bastard is not only actively thwarting your every move, but also actively trying to turn your child's mother against you too (and eventually your own child too) is probably too much for Will to bear at the moment.

He also knows that once he openly acknowledges this, there will be no stopping that freight train that is his mother. And throw in Lucas, EJ, Kate, Marlena, Roman, etc... It will be like the Hatfields vs. The McCoys. There will be absolutely NO WAY to avoid the utter cluster f@&k that will be the custody battle. And for someone who grew up in the middle of it, I'm sure subconsciously he just wants to avoid that like the plague.

But soon enough, he'll realize there is no way around it. Will needs to get angry enough to want to DESTROY Nick before he's ready to throw down. He'll get there soon enough.
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