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Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: Nicole stops in the doorway of the rectory when she sees Eric sitting at the desk. She recalls saying I love you when he was hurt. He notices her and asks if she just got here. Just.

Sami is in her office. She recalls her encounter with Nick. Sami is about to leave her office in a huff but when she opens the door Lucas is standing there. What's going on? Sami - Will can't lose his baby. Lucas just came from the hospital. Gabi's fine, the baby's doing well. Sami isn't talking about that. They are trying to kick Will out of his own child's life ... at least Nick is and he's going to get Gabi unboard eventually. Lucas - Don't assume. Sami - I'm not assuming anything. Nick told me right to my face. Lucas - What did he say exactly. Sami - After we heard that Gabi was better I snuck into Gabi's room to apologise. I realise that wasn't the smartest choice but Nick caught me alone and read me the riot act. Lucas - So you got him angry. Well you do have that affect on men, don't you? Sami - I don't have time for you to take shots at me, this is serious! He threatened me. Lucas - Relax, Sami, once again you're going too far. Sami - He wasn't mad and it wasn't what he said, it was the way he said it, like he has something. I'm serious. It set off alarm bells. I think he has something that could back up those threats.

Will is lying on top of the bed. He asks Sonny what time it is. Sonny tells him not to be mad; you needed your rest. Are you feeling better? Will - That depends. Did I have a crazy dream that Nick showed up? Sonny - No, that was real. He was here and he knows you shot EJ. Will - How did I go to sleep after that? Sonny - You were wrecked from being up all night and being side-swiped by Nick. Will - It's not what he knows, it's what he's going to do with it.

Nick is sleeping in a chair in Gabi's room. He has a nightmare about Vargas having him in a choke-hold - You owe me Nicky and you're going to pay real soon. Hope apologises for waking him. He whispers - It's okay. Come outside. (Gabi is still sleeping). Nick - I don't want to wake Gabi up. Hope - I hear she's okay. Nick - Yeah she's okay for now. Hope - How about you? Nick - I'm good. Hope - It doesn't look like it from here. Were you having a nightmare. Nick says No, I'm fine. Hope - I saw you in ???. You were about to yell but you stopped yourself so you wouldn't draw any attention from the guards because that would only make your life worse. Nick - I don't know ... Hope - Nick, I've been there. You do what you have to to survive. Nick - I was a little confused when I woke up for a minute. Hope - What were you dreaming about? Nick - I don't remember my dream. I never have. If I was about to yell it's because I thought Sami was there. Hope - Why Sami? Nick - You didn't hear? She's the reason that Gabi's in the hospital. She kept badgering us about getting this paternity test and she wouldn't let it go. Hope - I'm sure Sami didn't mean to hurt anyone. She's just trying to navigate through a very difficult situation. Nick - I'm sure Will didn't mean to get Gabi pregnant either. The whole family is trouble. How many people in this town have been a victim of something they didn't mean to do.

Chloe demands to know what deal Jen supposedly made with Daniel. Abby - You're out Chloe. That's the deal. Daniel's going to cut off all contact with you. Chloe - Oh yeah, he agreed to that? Abby - Why wouldn't he? A choice between you and my mom is really no choice at all.

Dan and Jen move their kisses to the couch.

Segment 2: Eric - Did you give a statement to Rafe? Nicole - You bet and I can't wait until they throw that thug in jail. Sorry, that's just how I feel. Eric - You're entitled to have your feelings about what happened. Nicole - Yeah because anyone who breaks in here and tries to hurt you should be behind bars. Eric - You won't be alone on that one. Do you know we have less than 5% percent of the world's population with over 24% of the world's prisoners. How can that be? Nicole - Seriously, that's what you do when you've been attacked by some psycho, you Google numbers? You have to be more careful or ... Father Matt comes in. I got your email. You want to do Prison Outreach. Nicole - What! Eric - I spoke with Abe Carver about getting access into Statesville. FM - Did he tell you he could arrange it? Eric - Probably but I'll let you know if we need the diocese to step in. Nicole - Oh step in so you can go hang out in prison. That way the criminals don't have to try and find you the next time they want to threaten you. Eric - I think if they know a better way they won't threaten anyone. Nicole - This is insane. Eric - It's my job. Nicole looks at FM - Can I get a ruling on this please? Eric doesn't want to be late for a school meeting. He tells Father Matt he'll speak to him later about this. He tells Nicole it's going to be okay. He leaves. Nicole - So can we get that ruling ... especially that part where everything's going to be okay. Do you really believe that? FM - I think it's a big challenge. Nicole - But it's a lousy, dangerous idea, right? FM - He's taking on a lot. Nicole - This is death wish crazy.

Lucas - What do you mean by the way Nick said it. What exactly did he threaten you with? Sami - Nothing. He didn't say anything specific. What he said was I don't deal in threats, I deal in facts. And then he let me know how things are going to be. Maybe that's how he talks when he stays up all night and is ticked off but I don't think so. I think he has dirt and I think we have to find out what it is. Lucas - No, no, no. You're going to leave this alone. Sami - No! Why, because you think I bug him so much. Lucas - Yeah for starters. Sami - Then maybe that's how I'll get him to admit it. Lucas - That's your plan? To annoy the guy so much that eventually something falls out of his mouth ... really! Sami - Well I got him to admit that he was trying to cut us out, right? Lucas - I don't know or maybe you caused it. The point is we don't need this. Don't create a situation about this. Sami - There is already a situation here and we just have to find out what he's planning next. Lucas - Okay, I will handle it, not you. Sami argues - You don't even believe there's a problem. Lucas - Maybe that's why I'll get further than you because nobody's mad at me. I'll calmly find out what's going on and then I'll let you know what's happening. Sami - Okay, then what? What if you can't get the answers we need. Lucas - I will get the answers we need. Don't worry about it. You just stay out of it. It's probably your active imagination anyway. Outside her office door Lucas shakes his head and mutters - Man!

A nurse comes up to Nick and tells him Gabi is awake and asking for him. He's on his way. Hope tells him to go be with Gabi. I'll be here. Nick goes into Gabi's room. Gabi heard he stayed all night. Nick - There's no place I'd rather be. Gabi notices a fresh bouquet of flowers. Those are pretty. Nick - They just came. Nick opens the card. Gabi - Are they from Rafe. Nick reads the card from Sami - Yeah. Gabi - No they're not, they're from Sami. Nick - Do you want me to get rid of them? Gabi - Just the card. Nick - Promise me you'll stop thinking about Sami. I'm serious. You can forget about her. She's not going to be problem for you anymore.

Sonny - He's probably just yanking your chain. Will doesn't think so. Sonny does. He just wants your mom to back off. Will - But he's not going to stop there. Why would he? He wants me to give up the baby. Sonny - Because he's a snake. He lied to your face because he's crazy. Will - But he's smart and that was a smart move. Now what I have to do is figure out how to stop him. Maybe legally he can't use what he knows. Sonny - I just looked at that. Statute of Limitations is still running. Even though you were a minor you could still be prosecuted so you need to get a good lawyer now!

Jen starts to remove Dan's shirt. He pulls back. Wait. Jen - What's wrong? Dan - We're okay but it shouldn't happen this way because you deserve so much better.

Abby - I'm sorry. Did you think you had a chance against my mother because of your son. Daniel's the father. He doesn't need your permission to see his son or did you think this would do the trick (She's referencing Chloe's attire). How obvious do you have to be. Just a hint Chloe, this look doesn't work outside of a trailer park. Chloe - Are you done? Abby - Almost. You're trash. Now I'm done. Chloe grabs her again. My turn. The only disgusting, trashy person here is you. Deep down inside, I think you know it.

Segment 3: Jen - Better than what? Dan - Jumping on the couch like a couple of teenagers. Jen is fine. Dan doesn't want it to be a quickie. I want to build something for you that is beautiful and real and ours because you are a treasure and I need to treat you that way.

Chloe - I get Jennifer. She's older, alone, getting desperate, thinking this is her last shot at getting a man so at least I can respect what she's trying to do. But you, you have no excuse and what's worse, you're a hypocrite. Abby - I'm a hypocrite for wanting to protect my mother from an evil, manipulative bitch like you? Chloe - No for standing here and acting all holier than thou, tearing me down and acting like your mother and Daniel are meant to be. It's appalling really. Abby - Oh I'm appalling! This coming from the most evil, conniving, appalling woman that has ever walked this planet. Chloe - What would your father think Abigail, huh? Abby - What, my father? Chloe - How do you think he would have reacted to what you're doing? Abby - First of all, you shut the hell up about my father. And second, my father would have been proud of me for going after a snake like you. He would have wanted me to stick my neck out for my mother. Chloe - Are you sure about that? Do you really think he would have wanted you to stick your neck out in this particular situation? Abby - I have no idea what you're even talking about but I repeat you shut the hell up about my father. Chloe - Hey, I liked the guy. You're the one who's being horribly disloyal to him and trashing his memory ... Abby - What! Chloe - That's what you're doing Abigail. You are betraying your dad.

Sami tries to work but recalls her talk with Rafe in the church after the non-wedding where he reminds her that Will signed off on everything Gabi did including lying to her. She keeps on playing the conversation in her remembering bringing up the fact that Gabi did something so terrible she was almost going to get thrown in prison. She gets up and grabs her coat - We have leverage of our own. She leaves after telling someone by telephone that she's going to the hospital.

Nick - You don't have to worry about Sami or Will anymore. Gabi - How is that possible? Nick - I'll make it true. Do you want to have a healthy baby? Gabi - Of course I do. Nick - Then we've got to keep your stress level down. We have to keep a wall around us. I don't want to have another 24hrs like we did. Gabi doesn't either. Nick - Then we need things to be like they were before Will and Sami were involved and the baby was just ours. Gabi - I can't just cut Will out. Why would you even think about that. Nick - All I'm saying is that it should be up to you. You should get to decide who should be around and when. Then after the baby is born and everyone calms down then you can have Will around if you want. But nobody can force you to do what you don't want. Gabi - And you can magically make that happen? Please don't do something stupid because of me. Nick - I won't do anything stupid or illegal. I'm not risking my parole. I'm going to convince Sami and Will that this is the best way for everybody involved and I'll make it stick.

Will - What good is a lawyer going to do? Sonny - Not just any lawyer, let me call my Dad. He'll know exactly what to do. Will - No, we might not need him. Sonny - I don't know why you're fighting me on this. Will - I'm so grateful for your help but I'm not ready to tell your Dad I shot somebody. What's he going to think? Sonny - He hears that everyday. Will - From his son's boyfriends? Sonny - He loves you because I love you and he's going to work twice as hard. There is something else we could do first. What about Gabi? She's your friend. Is she going to let Nick sell you out to the cops? Will - Nick's not going to tell her and if I tell her then she's going to go to Nick ... There's a knock on the door. Lucas comes in. Sonny, something came up. Can you just give us a minute ... Will - What? Lucas - It's big Will. Sonny, go now!

Segment 4: Will - Sonny's not going anywhere. Lucas - I'm sorry. That came out wrong but something urgent has come up and we need to talk. Will - Is it about Nick because if it is he knows everything already. Lucas - He knows! Why would you tell him? Will - Nick came over and Sonny happened to be here. Lucas - What the hell did he say? Will - He said that he knows that I shot EJ. Apparently he knows everything and it looks like he's going to use it.

Nick comes back out and apologises to Hope for being so long. Hope asks if she can go in and say hello. Nick tells her that Gabi fell asleep. She's exhausted. Hope is going to stick around. Nick - Yeah. You can go in and sit with her if you'd like. Hope - If I make you a promise that I'd stay here until you got back, would you take a nap? Nick - You mean leave? No. Hope - What about getting some rest in the waiting area. Just for a little way. Nick - Okay. You promise you'll come and get me when she wakes up. Hope - Cross my heart. Nick makes a call. This is Nick Fallon. Are the papers drawn up? Do you have a Notary in your office? Good. Here's what I need. I need the Notary sent with the papers to University Hospital. I need them signed and filed with a judge today. I'm on the 4th floor. Thank you. Sami gets off the elevator and sees Nick heading to the waiting room. She slams the door behind her. Hi Nick. I think we should get some things straight, don't you? Nick - I couldn't agree more.

Jen - Now we can just kill some time. I thought maybe we could go for a walk or play darts. Dan - Is it too cold for ice cream? Jen has an idea. Why don't we go for a walk and see where we end up. They kiss.

Abby - You have crossed a line. Chloe - If Jack could hear you know. Abby - OMG stop it. Don't you dare say his name. Chloe - I was fond of Jack. Abby - Stop it! Chloe - Your dad was a good man and he deserves better than what you're pushing. Abby - Pushing? Chloe - Yeah. Jack was the love of Jennifer's life. Everyone knows that. He's barely in the ground and you're pushing me around and pushing your mom to move on like she should already be over your dad. Abby - No! That is a horrible and a cruel thing to say. It is sick and twisted and that's not what's going on here. Chloe - That's exactly what's going on Abigail. That's why you're being so defensive. And hey, I get your mom, it's a classic rebound thing but your end of it ... it's pretty creepy. Abby - My end of it! My mom is trying to be happy. She's trying to start over and I am supporting her in that. My mom deserves to be happy again. She needs to be loved. Everybody needs that. Chloe - Wow, that is a beautiful sentiment Abigail but she needs it now? Now when she should be grieving. Come on, timing is everything. Abby - Timing! Chloe - Do I have to spell it out for you? It is too soon which makes it disrespectful and kind of icky frankly. And here you are egging her on. Like come on, Dad's been dead, what 2 or 3 months, it's time for you to move on with the man of your dreams. Abby - Stop it! Chloe - What kind of daddy issues are you covering up? Abby - You stop it right now, do you hear me, stop it! Not another word. (People are gathering). Chloe - You're the one stomping on your father's grave not me. Abby - You have no idea! Chloe - You're right I have no idea. Did you hate him or are you just trying to replace him ... Abby - That's not what's going on here. That's not fair. Chloe - Or are you just trying to get back at him for abandoning you. Is that what it is? Abby - You viscious slut! She grabs her throat. You take that back - take it back right now!

Segment 5: Abby - You bitch. Chloe - OMG Abigail, calm down. Abe breaks them apart. Chloe - Are you crazy? Abby - You evil slut. Don't you ever talk to me again. Jen and Dan rush up. Jen goes to Abby, Dan to Chloe. Dan - What's going on? Chloe - She attacked me. Abby - You deserved it, you bitch. Chloe - Jennifer, your daughter should be on a leash.

FM - You're worried about Eric? You think taking on this Prison Outreach program is reckless. Nicole - That's exactly what I think. FM - Is there anything else bothering you? Nicole - That's pretty big, isn't it? I'm sorry. It's just been quite a week for me. I'm okay. FM - I'll be hearing confession in a few minutes. Nicole - Well I haven't committed any crimes lately so I'm good, thank you. FM - Sometimes looking inside at your problems when you're in the booth on your own with your privacy quaranteed is good. Think about it. He leaves. Nicole - I'm not sure you want to hear what's going on in my head about Eric though. You'd probably ask me to leave town. So what else you got for me Padre. I can't believe I'm actually considering this. No! I need a drink!

Eric and Hope leave Gabi's room. Hope - Gabi looks great doesn't she? Eric is glad she's out of the woods. Hope has to get back to work. Eric was hoping she'd help him with something. Eric - I want to get into Prison Ministry and I've spoke with Salem PD. Hope - With Roman? Eric - No, I'm trying to keep dad out if but I did speak with Abe. I know you were on the inside and I was wondering if you could give me any ideas. Hope - It's a great idea but a tough one. Working with the system could take months. Eric - There's got to be a way to speed it up. Hope - We'll see. You need to get your feet wet before you start dealing with lifers and hard cases. Work with transistions, someone who is about to get out is much more motivated to do good. You'll get less push back. Eric - I'm not afraid of push back. Hope - With all due respect Father, you have absolutely no idea. If you want to do this start small. Find yourself someone who's about to be released okay?

Vargas marks an X on Feb. 27th and turns the page over where we see Mar. 15th circled.

Lucas - Tell me exactly what Nick said. Will - First he just wanted me to keep Mom away from Gabi. Then he wanted me to give up my parental rights so they could have the freedom to move out of Salem. Lucas - What exactly does he know or think he knows. Will - He knows that I shot EJ. He knows that there's evidence from the cabin that the police have. And he knows that I told T. Lucas - That's how he found out, you think? Will - No T didn't say anything. I'm guessing he just heard us. Lucas - Heard us how? He had surveillance on us or something? He bugged my office? Will - I don't know but there was too much that was exactly what we talked about. Lucas - If he recorded us he can't use that in court. Will - Not even in civil court or family court? Lucas - That's his end game, isn't it? He wants you to give up the baby. Will - Yeah. He wants to be the only father my daughter ever knows.

Sami - You have to stop trying to cut me out of my grandchild's life. It's not going to happen. Nick - You know you've got a lot of nerve. You nearly killed your grandchild yesterday. Sami - Nobody wanted that to happen so you can stop threatening me with it. Nick - Or what? I will keep Gabi and our baby safe. Sami - Will's baby. Gabi's and Will's baby, right. The sooner you get that through your thick skull ... Nick - Why are you even here? Why are you pushing? You keep pushing when you know you are toxic for Gabi and that baby. Sami - We are talking about Will and Gabi's child. Will has rights to that child. He gets to decide how much access you have to ... Nick - I love Gabi and that baby and there's no way I'm going to let a bitch like you ever hurt them again. Sami slaps him.

Segment 6: Lucas - He actually said that. He wants you to give up custody. Will - Now. Lucas - Do you think this has always been his plan. Will - I don't know. I don't think so because he was working with me, we were going to raise the baby together. Lucas - Then what the hell happened? What changed everything? Will - You realy have to ask? Mom!

Nick - I'm sorry. I shouldn't have called you that name. Sami - No, you shouldn't have. Nick - You have a way of pushing my buttons. Sami - I am here ... Nick - What do you want? Sami - I want you to stop the nonsense of trying to cut me or Will out of this baby's life. You talked a lot of smack earlier; made a lot of threats. Oh wait, not threats, facts. Nick - That's right. Sami - You're bluffing. Nick - Okay. I'm not scared of you Sami and I don't owe you any answers. Sami - You're threatening me and my family so yeah, you do have to answer for yourself. Nick - I've paid my debt to society. I have not violated my parole. You can not use my record against me. Sami - Actually I can in family court but that's not what I'm here to talk about. You have a bigger problem than your record.

Will - All this behaviour started with the paternity test which I wouldn't have asked for if Mom didn't push me to do it in the first place. Lucas - So that's really the timing of this. Will - Yeah, cause Mom got into Gabi's face and sent her to the hospital and she almost lost the baby. Lucas - But she didn't mean to do that. Will - I know but she wouldn't listen to anybody. At the hospital they told her to go home. She said she was going to go home, snuck into Gabi's room and sent her into early labour. Lucas - I know. I thought she was going to apologise. Will - She only made it worse. If you were Nick and you see that, wouldn't you try to shut that down? Sonny - Don't say anything good about Nick. He's trying to cut you out of your baby's life and send you to prison. We're not giving him the benefit of the doubt. Lucas - Listen to your boyfriend. Will - All I'm saying is I've been to the breaking point so many times with Mom and so have you so if anyone should understand, it's us. Lucas - I know that and I get it but she promised she's going to stay out of it. She's not going to get involved anymore. Sonny - If you were Nick would you believe that?

Jen tells Abby to look at her and calm down. Abe tells Jen he doesn't know what was said; he just saw Abigail go for Chloe's throat. Jen - What happened? Talk to me. Dan asks Chloe what happened. She tells him she feels dizzy. I feel like her fingers are still digging into my throat. I just tried to apologise to Abigail and she went off on me and started calling me trash. It's like we're in high school again. What's with this town! Jen - Did she hurt you? Abby - That manipulative slut. She used Dad against me.

Segment 7: Nicole is in the confessional. Bless me Father for I sin a lot. What I'm thinking, what I'm feeling is completely wrong, totally out of bounds ... so wrong. Eric looks in her direction.

Dan - Just tell me from the beginning. Chloe just came here to explain to Abigail our arrangement. I was afraid that she misunderstood when we talked before about us moving into your apt and you into a hotel and the next thing I know she's grabbing me by the throat. Dan - That doesn't make any sense. Chloe - I know it doesn't. I just came to apologise and the next thing you know she's attacking me for no good reason. She cries in his arms. Abe tells everyone there's nothing to be seen her. Abby - Look at her. She makes me want to puke. Jen - It's okay. She hugs Abby.

Will - Unfortunately there's no where for me to go. Lucas - What are you saying? Are you just going to give in? You're going to give Nick what he wants, really? Will - Dad, you've been there for me so much everytime we've been through this. And not just this time, hell, you went to prison for me. Lucas - I don't need your gratitude. You're my son. Will - I know, let me finish though. What I'm saying is that I should have owned up to what I did and I did not. So the price I have to pay now is this. I'm going to have to give up my own daughter.

Sami - Maybe you have paid for your crimes but Gabi hasn't. Yeah so you're going to let me and Will be with the child. Will will have complete access to his daughter without interference. Nick - Or what? Sami - Or I will call my family, the entire Salem PD, and I will make sure they know what an unfit mother Gabi is. I know what she did last summer so she stands to lose not only her baby but her freedom 'cause she will go to prison.
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