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Make EJ/Abby happen, DAYS!

-Danielle and Andrew talking in the living room - Danielle thinks she's going up, upset at how she played the game. Neither of them know who voted to evict Emmett. Andrew says he would have been worried if Talla won... Danielle tells him Talla would have put up Jillian.

-Talla and Liza are talking - Talla asks her who she trusts out the guys... Liza says she doesn't have a relationship with Alec. The girls say they won't talk to each other until after the nominations because they want to hide their alliance. They are discussing how to play things with Jillian. They think she's leaning towards putting either Suzette, Gary or AJ up. They think Tom wants to get rid of Aneal, but not quite yet. They also think she's keeping Tom and Emmett safe.

-Talla tells Liza that if she's nominated, she will have the votes in order to stay safe.

-Gary and Emmett talk in the bedroom - tells Emmett that he's loyal to three people: Emmett and Danielle, and that he will promise himself to Jillian (this guy :lol: ). Gary hopes that will keep him off the block. He says Danielle is feeling pretty down because she's pretty sure she's going up.

-Jillian apparently said Suzette was not going home.

-Gary talks to Emmett about how he gave him a puzzle piece during the veto competition.

-Gary tells Emmett that he will find out who voted for him - he thinks that will be the only way he can stay. Liza comes in and he asks her if she voted for Emmett, she says no.

-Gary says Suzette is a moron and he doesn't trust her. He wishes Jillian had gone. Liza and Gary talk about how they want AJ gone.

-Gary wants to sleep with Emmett... Emmett does not want to sleep with Gary. Gary asks if it's because he's gay. Emmett tells him about his gay brother. Emmett says that Gary should sleep with AJ for comedic value and gets the room to vote on it. Gary says he can't sleep with AJ because his nipples look like pepperoni and it scares him. :lol:

-Gary really wants to sleep with Emmett, says he just wants one night with him.

-AJ and Andrew are discussing nominations - they think Emmett and Jillian are together, and that Gary and Suzette will be her nominations. AJ says Liza is dangerous and wants him out of the game. Andrew is nervous about Peter. AJ tells him that Alec told him that he and Peter are close.

-AJ tells Andrew that the two of them are in an "alliance-mance" (LAWD).

-AJ says he thinks Talla is playing him.

-Andrew says that Danielle is freaking out. She's been clustered in with Gary and Suzette. On the other side, he thinks Emmett, Tom and Jill are working together.

-Apparently Tom said he wouldn't put up the 7 guys, except Gary because he wants him out. They don't care if Suzette and Gary leave.

-Peter and Liza talking about AJ - they think he's starting to lose his marbles. Say they want to tone down the jokes at his expense. They are going to swap beds because no one wants to sleep with AJ or Gary, and they feel bad.

-They think AJ's not coping well with being in the house. Says he talks too much, and basically agrees with everything everyone says.

-Emmett and Jillian are in bed together, and Gary's trying to get in too, basically pushing himself in.

-Jillian and Emmett talk in the storage room, she says she might nominate Gary and Danielle. Jillian says Danielle hates her and calls her a bitch. Emmett says he doesn't think Gary would put them up, but thinks Gary would put up Tom and he wouldn't like that.

-Emmett tells Jillian that Danielle is being awkward. Says Danielle likes him, but he's sharing a bed with Jillian.

-Emmett suggests that Jill puts him on the block with Danielle so he can win the POV and prevent her from doing so. Jillian says she would consider putting up Tom for that, but not him.

-Jillian and Liza talk in the bathroom - Liza asking if people are kissing Jillian's ass, she says yes, and that they're being really obvious about it. Jillian tells Liza that she wants to talk to her about the nominations. She tells Liza that she is not being considered for nomination.

-Gary continues bashing AJ - says he doesn't like him because of his pepperoni nipples... they remind him of his ex-boyfriend.

-AJ complains about Gary being nasty to him, and is offended about Gary making fun of his nipples.

-Peter talking to Alec, apparently Suzette hurt her ankle, but he's suspicious about it: "I watched her wrestling, and you don't hurt your ankle like that". Suzette walks in, so the conversation shifts.

-Alec and Peter shift the conversation to Gary, say they're not very close with him.

-Topaz comes back (was in the DR), and sits on Alec's lap. They talk about the HOH, saying Canada probably thought it was super easy and they could do that. Alec says the pegs were really small.

-Peter, Alec and Topaz assume the nominations will be either today or on Sunday.

-They say they think Suzette knew right away she would get HOH when she answered the phone, comparing it to BBUK when someone answered a phone and got HOH.

-Alec and Topaz, cuddling and kissing in bed.

-AJ's alone in the kitchen talking to himself. Everyone else in bed.
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