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-Apparently the HGs had their have/have not competition this morning. It was a messy challenge - a lot of clean up (HGs in bathroom with goop in their hair).

-Camera on backyard - production cleaning... looks like the competition was crawling through gunk.

-There's a slop bucket in the middle of the kitchen counter. Talla complaining, so she's a have not.

-Alec is also a have not.

-Gary screaming about his "ice cold" shower.

-Emmett is eating food in the kitchen, so he is not a have not.

-Peter and Alec are sharing a slop pancake. Alec says it tastes like "cabbage wrapped in a dish towel" (gross).

-Looks like Tom is also a have not (tee hee :) ).

-Topaz is icing her knee, looks like she hurt it during the competition.

-Tom is mixing up a batch of "slop-cakes".

-Apparently there was a red, blue and yellow team. The red team won, and the yellow team lost.

-Peter and Tom weighed themselves so they can see how much weight they lose while on slop.

-HGs complaining that they're tired - apparently BB woke them up in and they immediately had to do the have not competition.

-Tom and Alec complaining about people eating around them, as they're on slop. Emmett's right behind them eating Doritos. :lol:

-Tom is using Nair to try and remove the glue/hair from his legs. Alec also decides to Nair his legs.
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