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On Hope, I hope she gets some real meaty story when Bo goes missing while in Europe. as for Uncle Vic owning Nick when Nick messes with Sonny, what about Maggie? Is she going to let Victor OWN Nick. Or will she stick up for Will and throw Nick under Victor's bus, so to speak? I hope some of the family besides Hope finally starts seeing Nick for the homicidal mania he really is. Willow, anyone? Trent? I am starting to believe Nick wasn't the victim in his prison truth. We will see, won't we? Chloe and Daniel and Jennifer just all make me ill. Mama Nancy is going to come back and go all Kate on people for messing with Chloe? Where the hell was she when Chloe was tangling with Vivian? When Chloe really needed her mother or any parent to help her? Too little too late if you ask me. I really want Sami and Nick to tangle bigtime. That is a fight I would almost pay to see. Just once I would like to see Will admit that Sami was trying to be on his side with this baby mess. Sure, Sami screwed with Gabi too much when Nick was the real problem. But Sami didn't know that nor did she expect Gabi to be dehydrated and almost lose the baby. So back off her all. Will should have defended her yesterday instead of still faulting her.
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