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Mar 1 2013, 03:32 PM
Mar 1 2013, 01:05 PM
Kat was annoying, but was in no way coming after Suzette. Suzette was just plain out dumb.
I agree...but at the same time...these people have only known each other for like 5 days...you kinda cant blame Suzette for nominating her, she was in her face constantly and way over paranoid.
True... but Suzette clearly wanted one of the big boys out with her initial noms. Why put up someone who was clearly going to be evicted next to Emmett? She just ended up pissing off two of the strongest players in the game, and for what end purpose? Kat's eviction? Totally not worth it, especially since Kat posed zero threat to her game.

Tom had already made it clear he was angry at Suzette and planned on gunning for her, so wouldn't it have been beneficial to try and get out the guy who you could obviously pick out as his wing man? It would've definitely reduced Tom's power.

Anyway, it's easier said then done I suppose... not to mention, easier to scrutinize in hindsight.
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