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Gabi has the baby already?? Damn, I didn't know that. I need to keep up. Why were they freaking out about a premature labor if she was only like a week early?

I can't wait for Nancy to come crashing into town, lol. Nancy fits so perfectly right now, I hope they make her viable. She should easily be able to take down Jennifer and fool Daniel. I'm looking forward to her eventual confrontations with Kate and Victor too. Nancy is so great. Since I already know she doesn't succeed in completely breaking Dannifer up, I hope she puts them through pure hell for her whole run. Wish they would have shown a pic of her.

No, Kate, no. You are just using Rafe for sex. At least for now. Its too soon to be asking where you guys stand. The only reason I even like them together is because, for once, Kate doesn't look like a damn fool. If Rafe ends up breaking her heart or something this is going to be horrible. Plus with Stefano coming home I would LOVE for him to catch onto Kate and Rafe, or have Kate shove their "relationship" in his face.

Sami and EJ scheming! Thank you, this is what they need to be doing. Even though this will probably blow up in their face. At least we might see some of the real EJ.

If Sonny tries convincing Will that Nick's homophobia is the reason he doesn't want Will raising the baby and Will denies it repeatedly then Sonny should just walk away. I can't even stand Will right now. He is being way too naive.

I hope Vargas is seriously menacing when he hits town and not some laughable bully. I want to actually be scared that he might kill someone.

PLEASE don't let Nicole side with Princess Jennifer again. It makes no sense and I don't want to sit through it. I wonder what happens to make Nicole finally realize she can never be with Eric. I mean what more could actually happen? They better not have Nicole moving on from Eric, because I'm in love with them! I hope its just more supercouple angst.

I don't think Chad even fits in with the DiMera Mansion equation, but the more the merrier. This should be like a last test for the character. If he can live there with Stefano and Kristen and he still doesn't feel like a DiMera he needs to get shipped out of Salem.

NotRoman needs to get the hell away from Marlena! That is just gross. I wish Wayne was around so Marlena and Roman could have a viable friendship that I wouldn't mind at all and I would actually be cheering for this spoiler. John, hurry up before this freak touches Marlena.

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