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OKay, watching episode 2:

I was pissed that they showed Kat and Emmett sitting together at the top of the show - completely spoiling the replacement nominee. WHAT. THE. FUCK!

I know Gary is annoying, but I also find him HILARIOUS. In small doses. Tom's homophobia makes me laugh. LOVING him and Gary being handcuffed together.

Suzette is a hot mess, completely in over her head and has no business being on this show!

Loving the whole handcuff thing in general. So fun!

Wow, Kat is AWFUL. "Hungry?" Really? I liked her exit interview though, but she seemed crazy in the house.

Gary really cracks me up. I can't help it.

I hated Talla first ep, but she is cracking me UP today.

Alec and Topaz - snore! I want people who were cast to play the game - not cuddle.

Liza is a boss!!!
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