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I'm pretty disappointed in Adrienne skipping the reunion. I've been a supporter of hers since Season 1. I miss that Adrienne. I wanted to see her come to the reunion and defend her actions, even if no one else believed they were the right ones. She obviously believed they were the right actions, and that's why she did them. Bailing is out is a punk move, and she really lost points from me. Her leaving upset me at first, but not so much anymore.

I am, however, really looking forward to Lisa/Brandi/ Yolanda taking on Kyle. All seasons, all three women have ripped Kyle apart in their confessionals, and in the press. I was hoping they would say all of this to her face at the reunion, and it sounds like they do. I'll be interested to see how Kim and Taylor factor into this. It's pretty obvious they'll be on Kyle's couch. Will they stick up for her?

And what about Faye? Will Bravo bring her in?
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