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3/4, Anna offers her resignation. Sabrina is destroyed when she receives bad news about her future as a nurse. Will legal troubles prevent Steve and Olivia's marriage?

3/5, Steve confesses his worry that Olivia's vision about his stabbing will come true. Caleb intends to make Sam remember everything about their former life together. Kate lashes out at Sonny after making a horrifying discovery.

3/6, Sonny confesses to Carly that he slept with Connie. Heather gives Todd hope for the future.

3/7, Laura reels from having seen Anna and Duke kiss. Will she tell Luke? Molly and Alexis promise Rafe that they will find a better home for him.

3/8, Spinelli tries to back out of his deal with Tracy but she proves to be very convincing. Todd's day of reckoning has arrived and he's on trial. Carly is still torn about her feelings for Todd.
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