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Mar 2 2013, 11:48 AM
Mar 1 2013, 08:53 PM
Mar 1 2013, 07:33 PM
I mean this is good because it gives Nick even more motivation, but from Will's point of view, why does it even matter? I mean seriously who gives a fuck? This guy is trying to take your baby away. Doesn't matter if he hates gay people, hates whiny little bitches, or thinks your mom is a hazard. Will grow some balls.
THIS!!!!! He blackmailed Will out of his rights and somehow his motivation is supposed to make a difference to you. I would think he's an a**hole either way.
I agree that it shouldn't matter the reason. But I do hope that this finally lights a fire under Will's ass and gets him to fight! I love Will. No matter how weak or whiney he becomes I just can't not love that kid. But even I am getting tired of seeing him back down and let Nick walk all over him. I really do hope this is what gets him to fight back....and get a haircut. :D
I hope so too because he hasn't even shown the resemblance of a spine at this point. He even asked Nick that question like a little scared bitch. Like he doesn't want to believe it. Nick has outwardly shown that he doesn't give a damn about Will, Sonny, Lucas, Sami, and EJ since the hospital scenes have been going on and Will is still in disbelief. They may be cousins, but they have had NO relationship to suggest that Nick is going to back down. Get real Will, before its too late.
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