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Guessgirl, and herein lies the rub for me with this storyline. Yes, Nick is homophobic, but beyond that he makes more sense than the rest of them put together with maybe the exceptions of Lucas and Sonny. Will, Sami, and the rest of the Brady's have been very entitled when it comes to the law and most of their crimes were done in cold blood. Nick killed Trent, a straight out villain who attacked Melanie at the time, and he paid for it. Sorry Sami, not everyone's daddy is in charge of the Salem PD.
I don't think Nick comes out on top when his crimes are compared to Will's. Both of them tried to kill villains. Will was young and Nick was on pills. He allowed Caroline (and possibly other people - I don't remember) to be arrested. He manipulated Melanie into thinking she was the killer so that she'd be dependent on him, then he kidnapped and assaulted her. She could have been killed. Nick did serve his time, but only because he got caught.
At the time, Nick was addicted to prescription pain meds which he was given after his injuries sustained saving Melanie. Yeesh, MelaMe, the gift that keeps on giving!
I know, which is why I included that in the post, lol. Will wasn't on drugs, but he was a young teen who was under an incredible amount of stress at the time.
Stress which was his mums fault.
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