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I thoroughly enjoyed Nick's(BB) performance. Will came with all his people behind him, and Nick was not phased in the least. Everything he said to them was just truth and to the point, so they had nothing to come back with. I couldn't help it, I felt so proud of him. I suppose he will lose in the end because despite how dysfunctional Will's family is, The baby is Will's and nothing he does can change that but, Nick certainly keeps this baby story interesting. And anyone that can lay into Sami and leave her with nothing to say, is my hero. I enjoy Will whenever he does as well. C.M/B.B are good at it.
One thing Nick said was not the truth. He said the one constant was his love and support for Gabi. He wasn't loving or supporting of Gabi when he thought the child she was carrying was Chad's. I recall some choice words he had for her then. It was only when he found out the child was Will's that he became obsessed with marrying Gabi and raising the child.

What did he say to her? Did he disown her, or said he wanted nothing more to do with her since she is carrying Chad's child, then changed his mind when he found out that it was Will's. I haven't seen those scenes. I thought he was always interested in Gabi no matter what. What exactly happened why you think he stopped loving her for those moments. Just because you are angry with someone you love, it does not automatically mean that you stop loving that person.

It is entirely possible that Nick is just obsessed with Gabi, or just desperate for a family of his own, but all I have seen so far is him protecting Gabi and trying to do what is best for him and Gabi. It is also nice that he is there to defend her. I haven't paid attention much to this baby story, because as far as I am concerned, Nick and Sami should just butt out and let the decisions be between Will and Gabi but, I guess the writers wanted drama, so that's why we have scenes with Sami ranting at Gabi for no good reason, and me wishing Someone would just smack her and tell her to shut up.
He went beyond wanting nothing to do with her, but that was certainly part of it. I don't recall the exact words, but he basically called her a lying, using slut and was raging at her when Will intervened and owned up to being the baby's father. Then, Nick turned on a dime. But they were not the words or actions of a man who loved a woman unconditionally.
One could say that chad was more of a threat to nicks relationship with gabi.
Chad was someone she had been obsessed with to the point of hiring a stalker and leaving his girlfriend in a basement. If there was something to tie chad and gabi together there is more of a chance habit might cling to that hope. Whereas I don't believe nick thinks will is an obstacle to their relationship.
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