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He went beyond wanting nothing to do with her, but that was certainly part of it. I don't recall the exact words, but he basically called her a lying, using slut and was raging at her when Will intervened and owned up to being the baby's father. Then, Nick turned on a dime. But they were not the words or actions of a man who loved a woman unconditionally.
I just watched the scene. I was actually feeling sorry for Nick. He thought Gabi lied to him and was playing him all the time. He thought everything she told him before was all a lie and he no longer believed that she loved him. I could clearly see why he thought that. He was basically the last to know that she was pregnant. He thought her baby was Chad's and when Chad came to the door, he opened it and said, to Gabi to tell him that he is the baby's father or he (Nick) will. Gaby only had to shed a few tears, tell him again he was the one she loved and not to do this, and Nick melted. He stopped insisting for her to tell Chad.

He did call her a liar but, at no time did he call her a using slut.

This is Nick who called Sami a bitch, which she richly deserved but, he apologised for it. Couldn't see him calling Gabi a slut.
He only made her cry a little bit? Shame on me for thinking he's a dick. But of course, when a man yells at you, puts you down and calls you a liar - it's only out of love! And after all, when a man accuses us of lying and makes us cry when we're pregnant, well, then, it's him who deserves the pity!

Gabi's crime was finding herself pregnant and telling the father first. Shame! Shame!
About to say something here about days tptb and what are the elements for a great love.
Crying s only just getting started. You know how the rest of it goes.
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