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Mar 1 2013, 10:33 PM
Mar 1 2013, 09:01 PM
am i the only one having a hard time hating Nick? Like, if this were ANYONE else, and I do mean anyone, I would be hating on them so much right now. I love Will and I think it's beyond disgusting that Nick is doing this mainly because Will is gay. But I loved Nick his first go-around as a sweet, geeky kid who lost his virginity to his girlfriend's mother. And Blake Berris is just awesome. Add to that one of his main adversaries is Sami, and I am finding it hard not to root for Nick.

I mean, I am rooting for Will, but I'm also rooting for Nick.
I'm with you. Blake Berris IS awesome. And any character that dislikes Sami is OK in my book. So my Will like is being sacrificed. Something had to give. I hope they bring out the Nick nuances, though. It's like Nicole's character. I think Nick's portrayer can help make Nick more sympathetic, even though he's not SUPPOSED to be. It's like us supposedly being for Dannifer, and all the writing seems to do is make many of us more anti-Dannifer. Maybe we're just rebels, LOL
I love BB! And I am rooting for him as well. Obviously, what he is doing to Will is wrong and he's completely homophobic, but I think he will have redemption when the truth comes out about what happened to him in prison. I don't want to see him get sent off to jail, and so far he really hasn't done anything illegal, just immoral. They have a star in BB, but I can see him having to deal with whatever happened in prison and this would tie in his reason for being so anti-gay. I think CM is also amazing, an the two of them are fabulous in this s/l. Will just needs a freakin' backbone! I want BB to stick around after this storyline. I don't want to see him go too cra cra.
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