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Mar 1 2013, 07:33 PM
I mean this is good because it gives Nick even more motivation, but from Will's point of view, why does it even matter? I mean seriously who gives a fuck? This guy is trying to take your baby away. Doesn't matter if he hates gay people, hates whiny little bitches, or thinks your mom is a hazard. Will grow some balls.
I agree! I sort of feel bad for Willl, but at the same time people will treat you the way you allow them to. Will shouldve had his guard up from the day Nick came up with the whole idea of him pretending to be the father of the baby. He shouldve known that was suspicious. The fact that Will even signs the papers shows that he still doesn't grasp what being a father is all about. if I were him..I would call Nicks bluff and say I'm turning myself in. Considering the fact that Will was a kid when he shot Ej and having Ej's testimony that he has forgiven hi m..I'm sure the judge would be lenient. Why isn't Will at least taking the time to think this through?
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