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Mar 2 2013, 02:19 AM
Feb 26 2013, 10:39 PM
Feb 26 2013, 10:20 PM
Will is a chump and sometimes I wish Lumi never had a kid.


Waste of air.

Love Blake though; he's been amazing lately and one of the only reasons this story doesn't suck completely.

If Days wants Will to be a rootable character in this, then he needs to be the one to step it up and go toe to toe with Nick.
Even though Nick is currently homophobic, he's coming across as the stronger character- and making him more rootable in a way.
Weak characters are annoying and boring. In order to make this story more interesting and have a good payout, Will needs to finally start fighting for his daughter! Not have everyone else fight for or defend Will.
Especially since Will can't even be grateful to the people that are defending him. No matter what Sami has done in Will's life I cringed watching him sit there and let Nick list his parents litany of sins, especially Sami's, and not say a word. Both Sonny and Lucas took up for Sami, saying that it doesn't matter what Sami or Lucas have done in their life that doesn't give Nick the right to take it out on Will, but could Will be bothered to speak up? Nope. He just stood there and let the guy trash his entire family. But when Nick said something against Sonny Will certainly manned up and defended his man. Everyone is bending over backwards to make sure that he doesn't lose his child and he doesn't seem to be trying at all. He just keeps shrugging his shoulders and going "Oh well, I can't get past this so I guess I have to give her up."
Will's family has a mouth on them and his mother has the biggest one so, they don't need Will to be defending them, and Nick was not saying anything that was not true. So, it is not much Will could say in there defence, especially Sami, when he has been telling her time and again to butt out and she just keeps refusing to do so.

As for Sonny, that was different because Nick was telling him, that there was no need for him to be there and it was non of his business. Will rightly had somthing to say about that. And considering Will had so many people bending over backward to help him, I did not see them giving Will any solution to his problem. He has already said, that he would give himself up for shooting EJ, before giving up his child, and Lucas and Sonny said, no way. He even suggested it again to Nick, but Nick was prepared, and his arguement against that was sound.

Nick won that round and I loved every minute of it.
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