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I guess I have a different take on the Chloe/Abby fight and the Jen/Abby convo afterwards. I wasn't cheering Chloe on, and I find the Jen/Abby convo to be just another blatant attempt by the writers to rationalize their bad storytelling.

First, I've said it before, but I find it offensive that these writers killed Jack off only to continue to use him to prop their lame stories. Second, I feel like the writers are thumbing their noses at anyone who objects to Dannifer by having Chloe voice those audience objections only to have Jennifer and Abby mock and demonize her -- and by extention anyone who dares to have that point of view.

Abby - She said that Daddy was barely cold in his grave and I was already pimping you out to Daniel.
Jen - Dear God.
Abby - I know. If she hadn't said that I don't think I would have lost it like that. I'm just so ashamed.
Jen - Don't you be ashamed that you lost it. She was being cruel and it is unconscionable what she said.
Abby - Still I should have just kept it together. Chloe is a mean and horrible person and she's shallow.
Jen - I think your father would have completely understood just like I do and I think he would have been so impressed by the way you've stood by me through all of this. ... I know that your Dad would be so proud of you.

In the dialogue above, if you take away "Chloe" and substitute those in the audience who feel as she does, then the writers are calling those audience members "cruel," "mean," and "horrible." Thus, those of us who dare to dislike what Jennifer is doing and how Abby is defending her have been dismissed and put in our place by the writers via the characters.

Similarly, once again the writers had the characters invoke Jack's name to support their plot choices. Everything they're doing is okay because that's the way Jack would have wanted it. Not cool, writers. Not cool.

MarDar did something similar during the height (depth?) of the triangle mess when they had Jennifer wonder if she was "fickle" (a term used heavily in tweets and on message boards to describe Jennifer's behavior) only to have Hope dismiss it as ridiculous. The two proceeded to laugh at the very notion.

So when it comes to Dannifer, the writers may be listening, but they're sending a clear message that they don't like nor do they agree with what they're hearing, and they will continue merrily on their way in spite of any viewer sentiment to the contrary.

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