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Um, duhhhh Will! Unless EJ would be willing to testify that Will was the one who shot him - then you have no case. All EJ has to say in court is Lucas is the one who shot him, and it's done. Double Jeopardy attaches, so Lucas couldn't be retried. Besides, Lucas and Will's conversation is Hearsay at best, because Nick's background makes him an unreliable witness, not only because he's an adverse party in the custody suit for Will's child, but because of his former criminal activity. Also, they can't compel Sonny to testify, since he knows about a crime and didn't tell anyone, he could be arrested for obstructing justice. Therefore, it would be a violation of his 5th Amendment rights to self incrimination. Nick's case is a total joke and had Will even bothered to talk to Justin about it, he would have seen the problems.

I've been saying from the beginning, that EJ has to convince the Brady's that he's serious about Sami - the one way to do that is to get Will custody of his daughter.

Also, the custody papers were signed under duress. Will was compelled to sign the document.

Oh and at least Mickey isn't Will's lawyer, then he'd lose for sure!
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