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Can someone explain to me why everyone is doing what Tom tells them to do? Holy god... they really found a stupid cast. I hope someone brings him down!

I totally agree with what Peter was saying though, that Tom is being too intense and will play himself out. I really think Peter might be one to watch this season! People were saying he'd be the Canadian Ian, but he's way less sketchy and way more perceptive. As much as I thought Ian was adorable, he was blind during a lot of his season, and won partially due to luck. Peter seems extremely intelligent, and I like how under the radar he's being.

I kind of hope Tom ends up getting rid of Topaz as he wants to do though... I think I could actually like Alec if she was gone, and I don't think Alec would necessarily ally himself with Tom in the end. I'd like Topaz gone, so we can see Alec and Peter work together more, and hopefully make it to the end, with Peter winning the grand prize.
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