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Mar 3 2013, 01:24 AM
Mar 3 2013, 12:13 AM
Mar 2 2013, 10:54 PM
I guess I have a different take on the Chloe/Abby fight and the Jen/Abby convo afterwards. I wasn't cheering Chloe on, and I find the Jen/Abby convo to be just another blatant attempt by the writers to rationalize their bad storytelling.

First, I've said it before, but I find it offensive that these writers killed Jack off only to continue to use him to prop their lame stories. Second, I feel like the writers are thumbing their noses at anyone who objects to Dannifer by having Chloe voice those audience objections only to have Jennifer and Abby mock and demonize her -- and by extention anyone who dares to have that point of view.

Abby - She said that Daddy was barely cold in his grave and I was already pimping you out to Daniel.
Jen - Dear God.
Abby - I know. If she hadn't said that I don't think I would have lost it like that. I'm just so ashamed.
Jen - Don't you be ashamed that you lost it. She was being cruel and it is unconscionable what she said.
Abby - Still I should have just kept it together. Chloe is a mean and horrible person and she's shallow.
Jen - I think your father would have completely understood just like I do and I think he would have been so impressed by the way you've stood by me through all of this. ... I know that your Dad would be so proud of you.

In the dialogue above, if you take away "Chloe" and substitute those in ME! who feel as she does, then the writers are calling those audience members "cruel," "mean," and "horrible." Thus, those of us who dare to dislike what Jennifer is doing and how Abby is defending her have been dismissed and put in our place by the writers via the characters.

Similarly, once again the writers had the characters invoke Jack's name to support their plot choices. Everything they're doing is okay because that's the way Jack would have wanted it. Not cool, writers. Not cool.

MarDar did something similar during the height (depth?) of the triangle mess when they had Jennifer wonder if she was "fickle" (a term used heavily in tweets and on message boards to describe Jennifer's behavior) only to have Hope dismiss it as ridiculous. The two proceeded to laugh at the very notion.

So when it comes to Dannifer, the writers may be listening, but they're sending a clear message that they don't like nor do they agree with what they're hearing, and they will continue merrily on their way in spite of any viewer sentiment to the contrary.


There is not much people to route for on this show anymore. I am a Nicole fan, so of course I wquld route for her to find some happiness and things to go her way for a change. Love Chloe but, I am already bored with her story.

They have turned both Brady and Sami into complete nincompoopes so that they can continue with the Kristen and Brady and EJ and Sami so called relationship.

Daniel and Jennifer relationship is so not interesting, that it does not matter what they have Abby, Jennifer and all the other characters that they use to try, and sell it say. It is never going to work. Chloe is totally wasting her time, because it is obvious she is not going to win in the end, and I would rather to watch her doing somthing constructive than to be trading insults with Jennifer and Abby all for the sake of getting Daniel, who so far has shown no interest in her, thus making Danloe no longer routable, and Dannifer was already dead in the waters from the begginning. They are better at odds, than as a romantic couple and no amount of third party they bring in as agnst is going to make them interesting.

The Will/Gabi story, I don't really care much about, I just enjoy watching Nick perform and, I do enjoy the Nick and Will interaction. I do know that if EJ and Sami will be scheming to bring down Nick, I will definitely not be routing for them, and I don't care how bad they want to make Nick look, so that Sami and EJ can be justified in whatever the hell they will have them plan to do to him.

I am enjoying Nicole and Eric, but it is difficult to route for them to be a couple when he is a priest and I don't want him to break his vows.

TIIC could pour hot fudge sauce all over Dannifer, and it wouldn't make them palatable. (And it's a waste of good fudge too.) I have to believe that, sooner or later, someone will have the guts/common sense to recognize that this couple is a dud and no amount of pimping, propping, or introducing one-dimensional interlopers is going to render them rootable. I just hope that someone has enough clout to insist that the plug be pulled.

Personally, I think this aggressive pushing of Dannifer may be an ego-driven move by T&W. It's no secret that they were pro Sami/Rafe, but it looks as if the higher-ups wanted/insisted upon Sami/EJ. So now they're flogging the hell out of their other pet couple, Dannifer, determined to win this round. Except that I suspect Sami/Rafe had a much larger fan base than Dannifer ever had or will have, so lots of luck with that, chimps. :rolleyes:
I can not believe that Days has allowed their writers let their bias appear so clearly it is downright idiotic move to force characters, couples that the audience do not find appealing in different ways, a good writers does not let his ego control his writing; and as long as the writers have too much bias and ego, it's just fine that the network goes in and control when it is so clear.
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