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Mar 3 2013, 05:04 AM
Mar 3 2013, 03:24 AM
Mar 3 2013, 12:44 AM
I could never support a Nicole and Brady pairing. Nicole did a lot of stuff back in the day. Starting with the stuff she did to Victor i mean she "killed him" with jan help i think. She was married to his grandfather. Plus the stuff with Chloe. I like them way better as friends.
Victor sent two violent thugs after Nicole who threatened her with a knife because she refused to take Kate's 5 million to leave Eric for Lucas. they also threatened to reveal the porn she was forced to do by her father to Eric and everyone else if she didn't. Victor stole the money back after her marriage with Lucas went south, that's what started the feud between Victor and Nicole that escalated to slavery and to the "murder"

This isn't a bait, I am honestly confused by this? You can support EJ and Sami after everything but not Brady and Nicole?
Thanks, I didn't know that about Victor and Nicole's history. And I don't think Eric is the man for Nicole because his family would always make her feel like trash and never accept her. During this storyline with them heading in that direction all we're going to hear is Nicole talking to herself and to others saying how she's so not worthy of Father Boring.
well to be fair, every man's family who Nicole has been with thinks she is trash, just comes with the territory I guess, what should matter to her is actually being a first choice, not having to grovel and beg for that love and oh yeah, no choking :lol: IMO.
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