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Mar 3 2013, 10:38 AM
camera shy
Mar 3 2013, 10:29 AM
Mar 3 2013, 10:14 AM
camera shy
Mar 3 2013, 09:43 AM
Well the ratings ought to go through the roof next week with the hottest couple ever to be seen on daytime having pigsex and scheming. Days, I'm sure you'll get whatever's coming to you for paring a rapist with his victim. And whatever these two idiots come with I'm sure Will wouldn't approve and it's his life they're actually playing games with.
Well, if the history of General Hospital's Luke and Laura are any indication - ratings gold for decades to come.
Luke didn't spend years torturing Laura or laugh about another man raping her or ever tell her Lulu had been murdered or force her to telll Lucky she didn't love him. EJ and Sami, are not Luke and Laura.....ratings gold? We'll see.
I don't get the comparison between these two couples. Apart from the rape they have absolutely nothing in common so why go there to try and justify what's being written for EJ and Sami. The writing is also scrapping the very bottom of the barrel so no matter how 'loving' these two are I will never buy it because of the six years of hell I was forced to witness as they pushed their brand of 'love' and destroying the real love they experienced with others.
Ejami is no Luke and Laura. I can actually give the writers on GH a bit of a pass considering the times. When Luke and Laura happened a lot wasn't known or understood about rape, and even back then the writers had the sense for Luke to give an apology. He was raised in a whore house, and that effected his outlook. Furthermore, Luke devoted himself to Laura and did not continue his victimization of her.

Ejami has none of those things going for it. It's almost 40 years later and women's rights and awareness of rape and its aftermath allegedly have come a long way. EJ did not devote himself to Sami after the rape-he continued to victimise her and she tried to kill him. This is more like Marty/Todd, and even though the network had to step in at least someone over at ABC had decency. Not here, apparently.

As far as the ratings, are they really a barometer of what is right and wrong? If NBC thinks so, so be it. I watch right now for the baby story, ED, and AZ. I ff, through Ejami simply because it sickens me. After seeing people I know deal with sexual assault I cannot even try to watch them.
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