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Mar 3 2013, 10:11 AM
I wanted Nicole and Rafe to get together kinda, because they are funny and so cute together. I don't want Erik to break his vows because of Nicole because then once again she looks bad and I don't want him to do something he will regret or feel guilty about and it be her fault. If she were to get with Rafe though she would always carry a torch for Erik. I also hate the Dannifer SL, it just goes nowhere and is hard to watch. I wish she would go back to reporter mode and investigate Nick! I wouldn't trust Dr. Tan around my beautiful daughter (or even an ugly one).
I don't want them to put Nicole and Rafe together. They are fine as friends but would be boring as a couple. Friends they should remain. They should bring on someone new for Rafe and someone new for Lucas. Write proper believable love stories and stop with the musical chairs. You can't invest, and it is boring. They have already in the space of one year, had Nicole saying she loved EJ, then next having a crush on Rafe, thank goodness they did not take it any furhter, and before long they had her telling Daniel that she loved him, and when we think she was still trying to recover from her love for Daniel, we now find out that she loves Eric. I won't even start on the ridiculousness of Sami, and her men, and the more ridiculous story of her choosing EJ over men that has been good to her. On what planet would a woman choose to go with someone who has done the things that EJ has done to her, unless she is suffering from some seriously low self esteem.

I like the chemistry that Nicole and Eric has, and they are both good actors. She has the best chemistry with EJ but, he is no longer worthy of her. There is no one else on canvass for her, but Eric. If he is going to remain a priest, they should bring on someone new for Nicole, or put her back with Brady. As long as they write Brady properly and fix what they messed up before, then Brady and Nicole would be good. They definately have that romantic chemistry.
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