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Not so much. On OLTL Todd redeemed himself and had other successful pairings. Same thing here, although EJ actually needs to embrace the fact that he did commit a rape. Probably the best acting Roger Holworth ever did were the episodes where he went to Marty and told her he knew what he did, hated himself for it, and was sorry. Also, there were two story lines where Todd risked himself to save Marty feeling that he owed her. RW also didn't go on record in SOD minimizing the rape and basically making a joke out of it.

Ultimately, the choice whether or not to check morality at the door is individual to each viewer. As a woman I cannot believe that NBC has decided its okay to go there, especially when woman's rights are being called into.question all over the country. I guess I am one of the viewers who simply cannot put my convictions aside when the TV goes on. Honey Boo and The Jersey Shore may not show the best of humanity, but its not glorifying sexual assault either.
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