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Mar 3 2013, 12:03 PM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepDays, I'm sure you'll get whatever's coming to you for paring a rapist with his victim.
Ejami is no Luke and Laura. I can actually give the writers on GH a bit of a pass considering the times. When Luke and Laura happened a lot wasn't known or understood about rape, and even back then the writers had the sense for Luke to give an apology. He was raised in a whore house, and that effected his outlook. Furthermore, Luke devoted himself to Laura and did not continue his victimization of her.

Ejami has none of those things going for it. It's almost 40 years later and women's rights and awareness of rape and its aftermath allegedly have come a long way. EJ did not devote himself to Sami after the rape-he continued to victimise her and she tried to kill him. This is more like Marty/Todd, and even though the network had to step in at least someone over at ABC had decency. Not here, apparently.

As far as the ratings, are they really a barometer of what is right and wrong? If NBC thinks so, so be it. I watch right now for the baby story, ED, and AZ. I ff, through Ejami simply because it sickens me. After seeing people I know deal with sexual assault I cannot even try to watch them.
its my personal view that morality and so called right and wrong should check themselves at the door when it comes to a soap, because EJ and Sami would not be the only pairing to be off the table, in fact both EJ and Sami would not be fit to be with anyone tbh. EJ is not a monster with Sami and suddenly Mr. Right with say Nicole, or Sami is not a witch with EJ and a damsel with Rafe/Lucas. I find that sort of thing quite hypocritical and transparent. JMO :shrug:
I disagree. Morality and right and wrong should definately remain a part of Soap, but because it is a soap and we know that actors are acting out these stories, it is more acceptable to accept EJ with someone he did not rape, whose child he did not kidnapp and watched her suffer as he kissed her on her forehead, who did not send a stranger in her bed to have sex with her while he laughed and drank with his father as they discussed it. And these are just a few of the things that EJ has done to Sami. There history is long and not a very nice one and it is not somthing we can forget.

For those who were routing for Sami and Rafe as a couple, I am sure their were some who were very upset when Sami cheated on Rafe, especially at a time when he was hard at work trying to find her son for her. I have seen some posters who use to want her with Rafe would now rather they brought someone new on for Rafe because they now believe that Rafe deserves better than Sami.

Morality and right and wrong cannot be ignored, otherwise it would not be a soap worth watching, and there would be absolutely no one to route for, unless you just tune in because you like the look of a person and not care how they behave, and what kind of personality they have.

Unless they bring someone new for EJ, then there is no one the so called morality, right and wrong standard can pass with, because Choking a Bitch and almost killing her ass a time or two is just as bad. Like I said, I personally find it hypocritical to try to apply standards to one set and give the other a pass because you like them, easier to check it at the door.

I personally love how DOOL has set up their current sls, no illusions about anyone and FINALLY my girl Sami is back, no longer hiding under the plaid and I cannot wait for her and EJ to do their worse. Seven years in the making and I am going to enjoy every minute of it while it lasts :wub: They are using their past to make them a stronger couple, just last week the attempted murder and hiding of Sydney from EJ was mentioned, how's that for making sure your audience do not forget.
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