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Viewing Single Post From: Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 2/25
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Mar 1 2013, 11:29 PM
Ok, I just went to EM'a twitter page, and he's hinting at a Bricole reunion. No thanks, Eric! We've tried Bricole 3 times...and 3 times it failed. And it failed for a REASON. They just have that "buddy" chemistry.

I want Ericole. If the writer insist that Eric remain a priest, then pair her with Rafe. She has great chemistry with him, too. Or bring on a new man.

But a big fat NO NO NO No to Bricole round 4. I want Nicole in a brand new relationship, that's not a retread of a past pairing. And I want Bristen legitimately explored. Their chemistry is too strong for them to be out of each other's orbit romantically.

Well, I think I could imagine Bricole reunited but only in a specific context (+Kristen, + Eric)

June 2013 /Inspired from current writing and tweets, LOL/ (no spoilers)

Brady is pissed because he's just realized that Kristen wasn't making him happy all these long sex (sorry - six) months. All she did was practicing her acting skills in order to get an Emmy for performing a monologue at their Revengewedding (or Weddingrevenge) ceremony in May.

Nicole is pissed because she's just realized that she's already dreamt of making out with Father Eric on every inch of the horizontal and even some of the vertical surfaces of the convent (or whatever). She's even considered leaving the town (8 times) and becoming a nun (5 times). Father Eric still thinks she has undeniable feelings for Lucas, Daniel,...... EJ, Victor, John, Abe, Roman etc. (adding at least one name a week to the list).

Pissed Brady+pissed Nicole= ? (it's far away from what you may think)

Meanwhile Kristen looses a small part of herself because even for a cold served revenge you have to pay a price (and tips). Actually she looses so many parts of hers that there's only her brain that is left to celebrate the victory with Stefano and champagne. All the other lost but beautiful parts of hers manage to form a unit that looks like the real Kristen (only without possession of her vengeful brain) and she goes where her heart or - more exactly - where the chemistry takes her... and she walks in on...

...what a surprise! not on Bristen. It's Bricole comforting each other. "They don't look so bad together. She's taller than me" Kristen thinks. Her phone rings - it's Stefano addicted to phone chats. Nicole answers the call. Kristen considers having a liedown besides Bricole like Marlena did but decides to find a mirror and rethink her entire existence, so she leaves saying bye to Nicole. Brady as usual doesn't notice a thing.

While rethinking whatever is to rethink Kristen is overwhelmed (again? fake? not? - Have you ever wondered if TomSell know?) by the feeling that Brady is her soulmate (and even "brainmate" now) and she has the right thing to do (meaning dump him once again), besides she remembers having heard and read that Bristen has more chemistry and Ericole is a lot hotter than Bricole so she runs to Father Eric. He is working hard on the list "Nicole has feelings for...". Kristen hits him with the cross or whatever is left from it and he finally KNOWS WHAT NAME is missing on the list. However she has to use a wire (a cable or whatever- not sure) to finally let him admit himself that his feelings for Nicole may only be just a little bit less deep than those for Crazy Eyes.
"OMG That was a sudden turn of events" Father thinks.
The end.

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