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The Room Stops
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Panda Panda
Mar 2 2013, 09:26 PM
Marlena finds comfort in Romanís arms.
NBC; want me to prove how this is nowhere near about Marlena getting comfort from someone, even a man? If you switch out "Roman" with Don, I would have jumped for joy. I realize it's been just the right amount of years for Fauxman to again attempt to get into Marlena's pants, but fuck off, there's a reason it never worked. And honestly, after this long of a time period, it wouldn't even work if you suddenly switched out the imposter with the real version.

Why on earth would Marlena have a heart to heart about her marriage problems with the guy who made no secrets about wanting her marriage to end throughout the last 10 years? Who's been trying to get her to sleep with him by making her feel sorry for him? Who used her loss of hope, pain, confusion and other affects of brainwashing to do just that. WHY. She could spill her heart's problems to Hope, Eric, Sami, Brady or hell, even the Maggster. I'd rather see her talk about John with Victor, because THAT would make more sense.

Rant over.
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