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Mar 3 2013, 02:55 PM
Mar 3 2013, 02:30 PM
Mar 3 2013, 01:59 PM
Mar 3 2013, 01:50 PM
Anyway, NO to Bricole round 4. It failed 3 times already for a reason...because there wasn't enough chemistry or fan interest.
Umm really? Lol. I follow the Bricole Twitter account on Twitter, and there are plenty of fans still maintaining an interest in the couple. Not to mention, they have like over 1000 followers... no fan interest? Hahaha... ok. For a couple with "no chemistry", they're doing pretty okay in terms of fanbase. ^o)
Well, I am a member of that account...and I don't want them together. Just because someone follows an account doesn't mean anything. It could just mean they are Brady fans and follow whatever account he's part of. Hell, EM himself follows a Brady/Madison account. Doesn't mean anything. :shrug:

Anyway, if you go by tweets, Ericole has more support than any Nicole pairing ever. With Ejole second.
It does mean something. That fan page has over 1000 followers... you may seem to think most of those followers are non-fans or something, but that's absolutely ridiculous considering that account tweets nothing but pro-Bricole tweets. There is little incentive to follow the account unless you're a fan.

I'm not trying to make a claim that Bricole is bigger than other Nicole or Brady pairs, but your statement that Brady and Nicole have little support and little chemistry is a bit laughable to me. It's one thing to say you don't like them as a pair, but to talk as if they were this nobody couple no one cared about is a joke. They had huge amounts of support when they were together, and the reason they're not together now is due to writing directions and nothing else. Before Higley was fired, it seemed like they were really pursuing the two, and it was only when MarDar came and created Madison that that changed.

If Bricole "failed 3 times"... Ejole also "failed 3 times"... in both cases, it was a change in writing direction not an intrinsic defect or something. :eyeroll:
Well, we will have to agree to disagree. Just because someone hasn't unliked a twitter account that they might have "liked" several years ago, isn't a show of support of a current pairing. Or else, We might as well bring Madison back from the dead for Brady, because EM follows them on twitter and continues to do so. Also, reunite Ejole. They have an ass-load of twitter support.

Like I said, I follow them. And I don't want them to be anything more than friends. How many are just like me and either enjoy their friendship or have moved on to other pairings?

I'm just saying if you go by CURRENT tweets to the studio and CURRENT responses in threads, Eric and Nicole have the most support for any "Nicole" pairing. Not Ejole, Bricole, or whoever.
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