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Mar 3 2013, 03:21 PM
^^There is no set definition on what is love. I and many others see what EJ and Sami have as love, true love even and it is no more right or wrong than what you define as love. Their love for each other manifested itself in many ways, took extremes bordering hate when they hurt each other, but never ever indifferent and most importantly, their love knows forgiveness of each other. When all the chips were down EJ turned to Sami and she to him and that is one powerful defining quality that they have :wub: The Rafes, Nicoles and Lucas have come and gone over the last seven years, but these two refuse to let go of each other in any capacity and I am thrilled that their sl is finally being told.

There is no judgement, no pedestals, no apologies; they are who they are and love each other more for it and next week the grey in them is given free reign for the good :applause:
What Sami and EJ has is not love. EJ especially does not love Sami and Sami does not love EJ. he has proved it over the years in his actions that he does not love her. The things he has done to her has nothing whatsoever to do with love. I for one cannot ignore them to buy into this pairing.

But obviously you love them so what more can I say.
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