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Panda Panda
Mar 3 2013, 05:55 PM
Mar 3 2013, 05:39 PM
^The answer is Gary Tomlin, and supposedly it saves money. Though, imho, pretty soon they'll be taped beyond their pickup date.
Perhaps, but that's also gotta be really tricky in trying to keep DAYS from taking a swan dive in story quality. I think the Wabi, Bristen, and even some of the Chloe stuff has been really good so far but most of those started out dull and boring and stayed that way for awhile. How can Gary Tomlin effectively keep fan interest and tv ratings high (or mid-to-high) if he doesn't give himself enough room to edit some of the S/L's when there's a possibility of them going south?
you don't have to convince me, i think it's ridiculous. I don't see why they don't take about 2 months off, save the money there, & then they'd only be 2 months ahead.
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