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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of March 11th
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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Mar 4 2013, 08:46 AM
Mar 4 2013, 08:07 AM
So EJ has conditions for enlisting Stefano's help with Nick.....bettting it's Sami and the kids moving into the mansion.
I'm betting Stefano is the one with the conditions, and it will obviously be EJ, Sami and the kids moving into the DiMansion. Stefano has been trying to get EJ back in the family fold for months and he finally has something that he can use. So both Sami and EJ will have to decide how badly they want/need Stefano's help.
Yup - I have no doubt the condition comes from Stefano, not EJ.

And I think they'll do it. And if so, I really hope the writers follow through and we get all sorts of interesting interplay amongst the people living under Stefano's roof - particularly Sami vs. Kristen and EJ vs. Brady. Not to mention Sami/Brady vs. Stefano. Could be lots of laughs. :lol:
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