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Mar 2 2013, 08:22 PM
I agree about Will, his wimpiness is starting to become very noticeable. How could the kid who blackmailed EJ DiMera last year allow himself to be bullied by his own cousin? He sure did a 180 in personality since then!

Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's the fact that Blake Berris came in and starting owning things, but Chandler Massey doesn't appear to be as into his character as he was this time last year. I could totally be wrong, but it just seems to me like CM is just forcing it these days, because Berris and Freddie Smith appear to be acting circles around him! Again, that could only be because Will is being written as such a wimp.
I think it's a bit of both. The writing for Will was much more dynamic under the previous writers, and CM had more to work with. On the other hand, I don't think CM is all that thrilled with the current writing for his character (remember that interview from last summer?), and is probably forcing it to some degree. Personally, I don't blame him because I don't like the writing for him either.

Blake is getting the best writing in this story, and he's rightfully having fun with it. Freddie is getting written for, period. That's more than could have been said last year.
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