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I don't consider this story to be all about Sami.
It's #TeamSami and #TeamNick.
It must be the way you look at it, because I'm not seeing #TeamSami. I'm seeing Sami as an avid supporter/member of #TeamWill vs. #TeamNick.
Maybe, but as far as I could tell the focus was way more on Sami's feelings about everything rather than Will's. He got a little bit at the end, but most of the scenes were focused on Sami. Poor Sami thinks she ruined things for Will. Noble Sami was willing to sacrifice HER time with HER grandchild. Sami and Nick are the two going toe to toe right now. She's kind of on TeamWill in the same way she was on TeamBrady in 2007. To be on the team, you actually have to be aligned with what the team is doing.
But it's Sami though. She'll never just do what the team is doing. If she did, you'd get Sami: 2008-2011. No thanks.

As for the focus on her in the episode today, it just didn't bother me. Everything seemed to be logical in what they were showcasing through her. Maybe it's because the writing for the character is finally on point. She's reacting the way she should be reacting. If we were getting Sami doing anything else, maybe I wouldn't be so supportive.

I'm just glad I can finally enjoy Sami again.
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