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Serenity 808

Sami's certainly acting the way I pictured her acting, but is it just me, or does she seem dumber now than she was in 1997 (not that she was ever book smart or anything)? It's an unfair comparison, but after seeing clips of her 1997 amnesia storyline, it reminds me not only what a schemer she was, but also that Sami put more thought into how she interacted with her enemies. But AS's delivery on Friday when she was blackmailing Nick did remind me of how she delivered her lines when she blackmailed Kate back in the day (i.e. Sami wasn't yipping and yelling utter nonsense like she did these past few years-she actually meant these threats and stated them in a cool, evil fashion)-so hopefully more of that is to come.

It was great to see Nancy back. :) I really missed her, and hopefully we'll see her to toe-to-toe with Kate. That's a duo I cannot wait to see. PD looks great, too.
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