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I've really been enjoying the episodes of late. The show is 100% better than what is was a few months ago...I still think this story with Wabi's baby is like the gift that keeps on giving. There are so many players involved that it works so well to see them all interacting in one room and then they all have little side stories.

Aside from Dannifer and Ejami the rest of the show is pretty entertaining. I don't know what it is, but I like Kate and Rafe. I just hope and pray that it's nothing but sex, but I fear good old Rafe there is developing feelings of some kind and Kate seems to be smitten, even if she knows that in the end, it's not probably a good thing to be with him. I find it strangely hysterical that Rafe finds absolutely no fault in Kate, at the moment, dude....you are boinking an older version of Sami, lol.

Anyway....I did like the Nick/Sami scenes. AS should never, ever, ever play the heroine ever again. If there is anything that the Ejamis and the Lumis agree with here, is that Sami is more in character now that she has been in a while, problem is who she's fucking at the moment, but since that might change in 6 months, then whatever. I'd rather see this version of Sami than the heroine, and AS rocks this Sami...not so much the other one. I also like the fact that the writing will have her scheming in some way, shape or form with both Ej and Lucas...kind of odd knowing the writer bias they have these days, but I like the fact that Lucas is included at least for now.

There are two things I want to point out...one Ej's statement about Will being like a son to him. Dude, no matter what you say, no matter who you tell it to, no matter who your sleeping with, I will never, ever believe that you have Will's best interests at heart. You might not want to hurt him NOW, but you did once upon a time and just because you now have his mother firmly planted on your penis, that does not mean that if Sami leaves you heartbroken tomorrow, that you won't go back into your dark side and seek revenge against those very people you claim to love....if you had the capacity to do it to your flesh and blood on multiple occasions, why should I think you wouldn't do the same to Will, who has no blood line back to you....yeah...I'll never buy you love him like a son dude....so don't try to sell me that crap.

The other thing...my dear Lucas....WTF did you just say to your son? Oh yeah:
Lucas - What about your own daughter? Do you really want her to be raised by a blackmailing murderer?

Lucas...back at ya....you have a daughter too....right? You left to go to HK at a time that Sami was playing around with Ej the last time, and this time I'm sure you won't have issues when she moves Allie into the Dimansion, with murders and blackmailers right?

Overall good show...I just can't stand Dannifer and Chloe but it was nice to see Nancy...and can we please get Abby to lose her virginity already......this is sooo stupid.
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