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I'm not sure if we're allowed to do this, but since it's AMC related, I figured it'll be okay.

When All My Children return later this spring, 5 years will have passed. This is just a list of what I think happened somewhere in between the 5 years in Pine Valley:

Erica Kane- living her “Hollywood Dream” 40 years too late and probably married for the 11th time to Kit Sterling.

Jack Montgomery- finally gave up on Erica after she chose her career over him. He left Pine Valley because of the memories with Krystal Carey not too far behind.

Ryan and Greenlee Lavery left Pine Valley with Emma. Kendall Slater, Spike, and Ian are with them for protection from the mob currently in Pine Valley.

Jake and Amanda Martin also left Pine Valley with Trevor living a quiet life.

Tad Martin- living in Pine Valley (off screen).

Marissa Tasker is probably the one who J.R. shot.

Colby Chandler/Asher Pike/Caleb Cortlandt/Liza Colby- I have no clue

Frankie and Randi Hubbard- living in San Francisco helping Mia with Fusion while Frankie working at the hospital. They may have a family.

Brot Monroe- living in Philadelphia with Natalia Hubbard and maybe married.

Madison North and Scott Chandler- see Frankie and Randi. Scott is working for Chandler Enterprises off screen.

I was just wondering about the characters that are not on the show when it returns and decided to post my predictions. I would love to see what others come up with.
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