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Yep... So Sami... She always has sex after traumatic thing happen & when she wants something :shrug: She always knows how to get what she wants from the man she's with.....nothing new.
Seriously... Sami had sex with Rafe when Sydney went missing...she celebrated and toasted to a great year when she didn't know if she would ever see her daughter again. Then she shot Ej and ran back home to sex up Rafe...and then when Johnny was missing she fucked Ej....that is what we are trying to say...she uses me ALL THE TIME

Please...if there is ANYTHING this show has proven is that Sami has used sex during traumatic circumstances ALL.THE.TIME...

I think it's a little weird that Sami loves to have sex when things are going badly, but I don't see how she's using the guys. It's not like she's hitting up someone who she wouldn't usually give the time of day.

On Eric - it wouldn't be believable to me for him to support Ejami right now and I hope they never become the kind of couple Eric would approve of. I do kind of wish that he and Sami had the idealized relationship she always spoke of, but I don't think he did anything wrong. She told him she was happy with EJ and he let it drop. I like that all of Marlena's kids can see the good in their GF/BF, but not in their sibling's.
IMHO she used Ej when she thought Johnny had died to 'end the pain' or whatever the fuck she said...she clearly at that time hated Ej, it wasn't a loving moment in the sense of the word....she used him for sex......IMHO she is doing the same thing now...not really as blatant as she was back then, because at least now she is in a relationship with him and doesn't hate him, but still, again IMHO the entire exchange yesterday from the moment she realized that Rafe had absolutely no clue what Nick was up and still thinks Sami will be part of this child's life, and loving her equally as much as he will, left me thinking that she needed to make sure she had a means to neutralize Nick, so she can be there as part of this kid's life just like she wanted to be and just like Rafe thought she would be. Why the need to tell him during that exchange, 'You'd do anything for me right?'.....you see it's how the scenes play out, the dialogue in them.....that simple sentence set the tone for what came later...she said that, continued the sex and then at the end told him what she wanted to achieve after giving him the sex. She's obviously continue today after she tells him. I don't know to me it's coming off as more lust than love from the beginning....but then again, I've always seen Ejami like that. What was the last time she told him she loved him? Why couldn't she defend being with him yesterday when Eric questioned her by saying, "Eric, I love him"...I'm not sure that is the intent (to make the relationship more lustful than loving)...who knows.....they tried to sell the triangle as Sami torn, and I only saw her flashing back to one guy and then 'surprise' she's with Ej....yeah......
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