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Even before he was a priest, history shows that Eric and Sami, although twins, where not on the same side AT ALL. He hated how she would be scheming to get Austin away from Carrie....they might have had a close relationship as siblings (the whole twin thing) but they never saw eye to eye. So now that he's a priest, I don't expect him to all of a sudden not mind Sami's behavior, especially when she was giving everyone mixed signals about who she wanted to be with just a few weeks ago.
Although I disagree about the concept of Eric being on a particular side, in the long run, it doesn't affect my original point. Kristen, with all her schemes and badness, is more understanding of EJ, even when she doesn't agree with him, than the holy Eric, who preaches forgiveness and second chances and acceptance, is of Sami. Therein lies the irony, IMO.
I just don't see how it's ironic that two villains would be accepting of one another. And a priest isn't supposed to be about second chances and acceptance in the middle of the sin.
I don't either. Why wouldn't Kristen "support" EJ in this? For the life of me, I can't think of a single reason why. She knows it gets under Marlena's skin that Sami and EJ are together. And just because priests "preach forgiveness" doesn't mean they don't judge, lol.
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