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I guess but he's also right about Kristen. And I think Eric would know if EJ had apologized to the rest of his family.
Sure he's right, but it's not like he welcomed Kristen without reservation, either. And since he only had Nicole apologize for her latest screw up, for all he knows, EJ may have apologized to safe for the R2 thing, and I doubt Eric went around and conducted a poll to see if EJ had made amends before deciding that he didn't like him.
He wouldn't have to conduct a poll. He's just have had to have communication with his parents. I don't think there's anything wrong with the way Eric has been with Kristen and EJ even from a priest perspective. He's very cordial to them. Not wanting them in relationships with his siblings is a completely different matter. And of course, once ericole actually starts to happen, that should come back to bite him.
And when is this happening already? I feel like it's been years since he's been back and yet nothing.
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